Welcome to Polarity Magazine

Welcome to the New Surreal

Polarity Magazine UK sets out to fill a hole in the soul of today’s culture-kestrels. Sitting somewhere between McSweeney’s magazines (The Believer, McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern) and that dark blend of European surrealism forefronted by Georges Bataille(Documents, Story of the Eye), Polarity aims to tickle its readers’ hearts, minds and rude bits, with a selection of visual art, poetry, prose and articles. (But no reviews. Well, we might decide to break our own rules.)

Appearing three times a year, or as often as we can manage, each issue will be organised around two falsely polarised concepts, forming an artefactual expansion of the metaphorical substance of each.

Surrealists, in recent days have been dismissed (half-heartedly, mind) as a bunch of crazies who encouraged art gallery visitors to urinate on sculptures, or hold lobsters to their faces and start talking to imaginary friends. Surrealism’s real message – of encouraging psychonauts to assault the comforts of bourgeoisie lifestyles – is slipping by the wayside. We are spreading our nets in the pool of the psyche, drawing together a movement. If you would like to join our movement, give us your email address.


Sign Up to our mailing list. Put ‘Join the Polarity Mailing List’ in the subject of the e-mail. We’ll send out irregular newsletters, building up to something monthly, or so we hope.


Boss Editor & Fiction: George Ttoouli
Art Editor: Neeral Bhatt
Poetry Editor: James Brookes

And you can reach all of us at once, if you like.


Advisory Board: Peter Blegvad, Frank Key, Carol Watts.

Contributing Editors: Luke Kennard, Simon Turner.

Design: James Harringman of Studio Harringman


We consider most things that suit the content of the issues. Email any of the editors with submissions, or queries about submissions. Issue #1 is full, but we’re accepting donations for future issues.

Issue #2: Arms vs. Song (Winter 2010)
Issue #3: White vs. Purple (Summer 2011)